• Akasha Yoga Academy

    Opening Spaces for Integral Evolution


    The Akasha Yoga Academy transmits spiritual wisdom in an authentic and applicable way, integrating the yogic tradition into a modern scientific worldview.


    We provide pragmatic teachings of the yoga tradition based on thorough research and sincere practice. Integrity and enthusiasm are our hallmarks.


    Our educational approach provides a vivid integration of traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge. Highly qualified teachers present the genuine heart of yoga in a dedicated and experiential way.


    Our offerings range from certified yoga teacher training courses and yoga intensives to pranayama workshops, meditation retreats, and life coaching sessions.


    We approach yoga as a holistic science, integrating its physical practice into a broad understanding, encompassing asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, and meditation.


    Yoga opens the path towards health, contentment, and inner growth. Our courses are an invitation to study and practice yoga in a thorough way, discovering the profound relationships between body, mind, soul and Spirit.


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    Akasha Yoga Academy

    94/20 Moo 1, Beach House, Thongsala

    Ko Phangan, Surat Thani


    +49 30 55575251


    WELCOME TO THE AKASHA YOGA ACADEMY – NAMASTE! We are interested in sharing inspiring teachings and practices of the Yoga tradition in a very authentic manner. Our aim is to ensure that this ancient wisdom is brought into our modern day life with the aid of modern language and applicable tools....
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