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Yoga Teacher Training Thailand Koh Phangan


We are interested in sharing inspiring teachings and practices of the Yoga tradition in a very authentic manner. Our aim is to ensure that this ancient wisdom is brought into our modern day life with the aid of modern language and applicable tools. Our hallmarks are enthusiasm and integrity. Our teachings are done in a pragmatic manner, making us stand out in all of Thailand and Bali and all our methods are backed up by scientific research. Our approach in Akasha Yoga Academy provides a clear integration of traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge and is taught by only highly qualified teachers.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from life coaching sessions to meditation retreats to yoga intensives, pranayama and yoga teacher training courses. Yoga enhances improved health, contentment and inner growth. We offer a holistic approach to the study and practice of yoga in thorough way thus enabling you to harness the relationship binding the mind, body, soul and spirit.


We have selected 2 areas we feel will be perfect for the participants of Yoga Teacher Training and these 2 areas are amazing tropical Islands in South East Asia. Koh Phangan, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia are both characterized by features like waterfalls, Jungle Mountains and vast ocean with colorful reefs. They both possess warm-hearted locals and a blossoming international Yoga community. The amazing natural beauty combined with the convenience of a well-developed contemporary structure. These locations have amazing exotic flavor and are profoundly spiritually capable of influencing the society.

Koh Phangan in located in the Gulf of Thailand and has a lot of affordable accommodation and as such, many of those on a low budget prefer this location. On the other hand the Island of Bali offers a more sophisticated, more comfortable stay. You can learn more about these accommodation options by clicking on the link below.


Koh Phangan is a small but amazing island located right in the gulf of Thailand with features such as waterfalls, tropical forests, the tranquil turquoise ocean as well as a glimmering white sand beach. The perfect blend of international yoga community and the local Thai culture makes this unique, laid-back atmosphere makes this the perfect yoga community.

Our courses are hosted by the Coco-Nut & Noom Resort, which is a stylish venue located directly on the waterfront close to the major harbor town of Thongsala. Amazing features present here include dozens of coconut palms on the beach as well as a lovely view of the Turquoise Ocean and the lovely architectural landscape.


The amazing island of Bali is a vibrant gem right in the Indian Ocean: this is an amazing landscape with a perfect blend of black and white sand beaches, rich cultural life and volcanic mountains. Our yoga program is well integrated into the local community of the war-hearted locals. Our training is hosted by Prashanti, which is a small resorted just outside Ubud.


Our facilities are well positioned in a strategic manner that it overlooks the green rice paddies to one side while it overlooks the lush tropical valley to the other side. Accommodation and food here is affordable, thus making it the ideal location for our Yoga teachings.

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